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Organization of Women - Stip, Macedonia

Portfolio of Woman’s Organization - Stip

  • Women's Organization of Municipality of Stip was founded on March 7, 1991 and operates until today. Association of citizens Women's Organization of the Municipality of Stip - Stip is voluntary, nonprofit, nongovernmental, political impartial association of citizens, formed by free association of citizens for realization, protection and harmonization of their interests and beliefs to promote civil society and local communities, and to perform activities for promotion of moral values, strengthen inter-ethnic relations and economical development in the territory of Macedonia and abroad, and in accordance with the Constitution and law.

    Association of citizens Women's Organization of the Municipality of Stip - Stip, acts and is organized on the territory of the Municipality of Stip. The aassociation extends its actions on national level and it is collaborating with organizations, associations, foundations and institutions, and member associations in the country and abroad under the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Macedonia.

    Mission of organization: Creating advantageous conditions for achieving an organized approach to the constant activity of women in the community and country.

    Monitoring, analyzing, studying, promoting, supporting and initiating issues related to improving and promoting socio-economic, social, healthcare, humanitarian, ethnic, peace and other civil initiatives.

    The main objectives of the Association are:
  • Exercise of constitutionally established Civil rights and freedom in the municipality, according to this establishing the Civil rights and freedom of the women.
  • Solve current problems in all areas of socio-economic life.
  • Ensuring adequate representation of women in all spheres of public life in the community and state.
  • Respect for the dignity and personality of the woman, her integrity and equality of the sexes.
  • Release of traditional beliefs of any kind of subjection of women.
  • Special protection of women, established by the Constitution, laws and international legal documents signed under the Constitution of RM.
  • Solve current problems related to the position of women in all areas of socio-economic life.
  • Elimination of all forms of violation over women according to the documents for human rights and freedom.
  • Creating conditions for professional training and engagement of women in economic and other activities.
  • Fostering and promoting of the living culture of women and family.
  • Organized activities for promoting the protection of family.
  • Social and health care of women with special emphasis on biological reproduction.
  • Creating conditions for active population policy trough respecting the right of man for making a decision about the birth of children.
  • Initiating and achieving inter-and cross-border cooperation.
  • Assisting the activities and initiatives related to economic development and establishing the region as an economic, cultural and tourist center of East region Macedonia.
  • Activities for the development of tourism in the Municipality of Stip and the East region of Macedonia.
  • Aiding and stimulating cooperation between local authorities, business and nongovernmental organizations.

Name of the Project Year Financed by Activities/ goals
“Program for strengthening the capacities of women's NGOs for health education” 2000-2005 MCIC The general objective of this project is to promote the concept of the relations between the genders and health, especialлy among women in rural areas and suburban areas in and around Stip Macedonia. This program will allow Paulson to implement the concept of gender relations and health education and promotion of health among women.
"Functional Literacy - Community Development" 2000-2005 UNICEF Total of 800 literacy of illiterate women of which 200 in Stip from Macedonian, Roma and Turkish origin.
"Early detection of breast cancer and uterus cancer of women" 2000-2001 MCIC The goal was to increase the level of health education of women and raising the awareness among women for regular own review and control.
"Psychosocial support to displaced people” 2002 ARC - international Project objective was psychological empowerment of displaced people and increasing women's awareness of the condition in which they are and finding ways out of the crisis in their current life, psychological counseling, motivation, development of optimism.
"Peace against war - depends on us" 2003 FOSM (Foundation Open Society Macedonia) Open discussions on key aspects of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and its prospects for the future of Macedonia, with a single goal - better informing of the citizens.
Anorexia and bulimia, diseases of modern living 2003 FOSM (Foundation Open Society Macedonia) Educating youth to raise their awareness of health, especially because оf he trend to look slim and muscular, which leaves impact on the human psyche and distortion of his physical health.
"My right for hard work" 2004 MCIC Raising awareness of employee rights and obligations of the Labor Relations Law on and encouraging initiatives for the formation of trade syndicates in the private sector in cooperation with the municipal syndicate.
"Prevention of underage marriages and underage pregnancies " 2004 Budget of WO Raising awareness of young people.
Fair for small businesses 2005 Business Pro Consulting, T-Mobile, GTZ- REDEM, UNDP Promotion and presentation of business cooperation between economic entities with diverse activities
Promotion and economic cooperation between small and medium companies in the region-Stip-Kocani-Karbinci with companies from Croatia. 2006 GTZ - REDEM Encourage municipalities for closer cooperation with the aim to integrate the companies into partnerships with companies from Croatia.
Entry in Europe - a road to success 2006 ECMI (European Center for minority issues) Raising the public awareness about the process of European integration, in accordance with the Strategy for Information and Public Relations for the process of European integration of Macedonia.
International fair for small businesses –EXPO Stip 2006,2007,2008 Business Pro consulting, GTZ REDEM, Municipality of Stip The main objective presentation and promotion of business cooperation between economic operators, taking advantage of direct marketing - direct contact with clients and customers, capture new markets (foreign and domestic) research of Competition and your position in the competition, demonstration and launch of new products .

Project partners  |  Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad